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Experienced and Strategic.

From your very first meeting in their Glasgow office to the resolution of your case, you can trust KM Law to be professional and relentless. They are highly rated by clients and most business comes from word of mouth and personal recommendations. They are recommended by judges, other solicitors, the police, advocates and other court staff. Come in and meet the team.

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Educated in law at Glasgow University, Mr Kavanagh also has a degree in business and
accountancy. He won his first ever jury trial as a young lawyer in 1999 and has worked for legal firms in Edinburgh and Glasgow for over 19 years.
Barely a day goes by without him appearing in court for a trial, interviewing prospective clients or gathering evidence for current clients.
These include anything from road traffic offences to assault, robbery, murder and serious fraud.
Some 90% of cases are personal recommendations.
Mr Kavanagh has further cemented his reputation amongst Scottish football fans as the
“go to” lawyer re the Offensive Behaviour At Football Act. He has represented MPs, MSPs, police officers, solicitors and doctors.
He is also the man the media turn to for opinions on this subject and other issues, having been quoted extensively in The Guardian, The Observer, The Scotsman, The Herald, The Scottish Sun and other tabloids.



His experience, client care and meticulous preparation mean he is a sought-after name in the world of defence practitioners. 
Mr McShane has represented a vast array of clients facing charges ranging from major drugs offences to fraud and murder.  He has around an 80% acquittal rate in trials.
He began his path into law at Strathclyde University where he gained an honours degree in law and after a post graduate course joined Knox & Co in Glasgow as a trainee in 1998. After rising to the position of associate at another Glasgow solicitors, he is now a partner at KM Law.
In 2013 he represented a BAFTA-winning writer on a drug importation charge. He is dedicated to giving clients the best possible defence and relates to them in a straightforward and understandable manner. He is a sought-after name in the world of defence practitioners.
Mr McShane has been quoted in the press over Proceeds of Crime cases, a subject he is hugely experienced in. He recently obtained an acquittal for a client on an assault charge that featured Rangers star Kenny Miller as a witness.
Renowned criminal defence QC Donald Findlay said of him after a high-profile murder trial in 2013: “I commend Mr McShane for his conduct of this case. He demonstrated the highest professional standards and was a credit to himself and solicitors as a whole."



Legal legend George Kavanagh was the "go to" lawyer in the 1970s, '80s & '90s for criminal defence. Even though retired for a decade, clients still call today to try to get him to represent them. 

Mr Kavanagh represented inter alia the British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence Police, Civil Nuclear Authority Police and nearly all the Scottish constabularies for over two decades.

Mr Kavanagh represented victims and families at hundreds of Fatal Accident Inquiries during his long and distinguished career. He appeared at the Dunblane Inquiry and represented hundreds of American families at the Lockerbie Inquiry.

Thousands of professionals and members of the armed forces owed their careers to his legal assistance. 

After four decades in private practice he was then elevated to the Bench.

He lectured in forensic evidence at the University of Glasgow for many years.

His legal curriculum vitae is almost unparalleled.

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